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Planetary - Archaeologists of the Impossible
Posted 2008-06-17, 11:35 AM
I have recently been introduced into the wonders of Warren Ellis' and John Cassaday's Planetary comic by a very good friend of mine, it is set in the Wildstorm universe (if that tells you anything) and tells a very interesting story about the organization called Planetary who go around the world and dig up it's secret history.

Basically, it is an alternative Earth were most of the fiction of our universe (comics, movies, etc.) is real and investigated by the Planetary-organization. Although with some twists. An example would be one issue were the group lands upon an island filled with the corpses of giant mutated monsters, possibly the result of a nuclear strike. One of them bears a striking (and not coincedentally) resemblance to Godzilla.

Hmm, it is quite hard for me to give it a good explanation, but it is a very interesting (and at times funny) set of stories. They have an unique tone to their stories, and it is a bit sad that there are only 26 issues so far...

I am waiting for the final issue right now, and the wait is killing me...

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