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Silverjinx18 2021-03-23 04:45 PM

New Consoles
There are a lot of new systems coming out or out right now since the bulk of us have been involved in Zelaron. What do you guys have and/or are looking forward to? I know most here are PC Gamers, but surely can appreciate the consoles.

I am excited about the PS5 and my husband wanted to get one for us for Christmas, but we can never find stock fast enough :cry: The graphics are like something out of this world and the games look incredible and interesting. I can't wait!

!King_Amazon! 2021-03-23 09:32 PM

I don't currently own anything newer than Xbox360/PS2/GameCube, but I'm in the market for a Switch console at the moment, mostly because I want to play Breath of the Wild.

Silverjinx18 2021-03-24 08:22 AM

Oooo Breath of the Wild is my favorite! You can play it multiple times and it's new and fun every time. The Switch is the best investment IMO. It is so versatile and has lots of games. Connecting with people is easy too.

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