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Skurai has an imagination enthroned in its own recess, incomprehensible as from darknessSkurai has an imagination enthroned in its own recess, incomprehensible as from darknessSkurai has an imagination enthroned in its own recess, incomprehensible as from darkness

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  1. Chrystalia
    2010-10-21 06:34 AM
    Ah. I never played Diamond/Pearl/Platinum even though I have them. They just didn't interest me.
    Except for my odd obsessions with Shirona and Gardenia and a few of the other characters. <w<;
    But I might play through them eventually, just because I feel it necessary. I even played Quartz and Chaos Black. Those were fun, especially when you can impliment your own sprites into the game and use your own made up characters. xD
  2. Chrystalia
    2010-10-20 06:33 AM
    Yeah that's why I always get both versions. I think I have every version still, all the way back to the original green that was japan only.
  3. Chrystalia
    2010-10-19 06:35 AM
    Yeah I get what you mean. I used to breed tons of pokemon and trade them for other pokemon.
  4. Chrystalia
    2010-10-18 06:52 AM
    Well like... there's that one that's an ice cream cone, I got a good laugh about it. What do you typically start off with? I always chose the water types cause they seem to learn moves that are effective against almost anything. Here's some cool ones, Kyurem, Genesect, Ononokus, Rankurusu, and Zoroark of course. You know, Daikenki looks like a cross between Swampert, some Seel looking thing, and Slowbro. I'm definitely importing my Shiny Gardevoir when I can. x3
  5. Chrystalia
    2010-10-15 09:52 AM
    They really have no ideas for new pokemon. Have you seen the pokedex for the new region in White & Black? I think other than Reshiram and Zekrom, there's only about a handful of decent looking pokemon.
  6. Chrystalia
    2010-10-14 04:58 AM
    Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?
  7. Chrystalia
    2010-10-13 06:41 AM
    I met a Medusa that was married to Macabre. o_o
  8. Chrystalia
    2010-10-12 06:58 AM
    Haiii Skurai. :3
  9. Skurai
    2010-08-18 09:10 AM
    [17:37] System: !King_Amazon! has joined the chat
    [17:37] !King_Amazon!: people suck
    [17:37] !King_Amazon!: there you go
    [17:37] !King_Amazon!: now you understand them
    [17:38] !King_Amazon!: 99% of people have no business living
    [17:38] !King_Amazon!: and 100% of people are batshiat insane
    [17:38] Draco2003: XD
    [17:38] !King_Amazon!: the "crazy" people are just the ones that are bad at hiding it
    [17:38] Draco2003: LOL!
    [17:38] !King_Amazon!: people in a nutshell
    [17:40] D3V: this has been another presentation of k_a's take on life
    [17:40] D3V: if you'd like to continue your subscription please contact assholes­@­dickheadsannonymous­.­com and please contact one of our service representatives.
    [17:41] System: !King_Amazon! has left the chat
    [17:41] D3V: fin
    [17:42] System: D3V has left the chat
  10. Draco2003
    2010-08-10 01:16 PM
    Well, in Jinga, as you know, you remove pieces until the tower collapses. But the tower never falls straight down, or implodes. It topples over. Even if every player was to remove the center pieces, when it collapsed, it would topple to a side. Throw something at it, and it still doesn't implode onto itself. Another thing that is easy to test with Jinga is fall speed. Drop a single piece and time it, from the same height as would be the top tier. Now time the collapse of the tower. The times should have a large variation, because the collapse had resistance. You will also know that after the collapse, sometimes you have to pick up pieces from the floor a good distance from the "tower site". I know people want to think the government had nothing to do with it, but it wouldn't be the first time we were lied to in order to justify their cause. After all, government is just a business these days.

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