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No posting of pictures featuring indecent exposure
All humanoids in posted or linked to pictures or sites must be clothed.
Avoid indecent/sexually suggestive content in signature and avatar especially, since users do not have the option to block only your signature/avatar.

No warez
You may not upload copyrighted software, video, or music unless you are the copyright holder.
You may not direct or link people to places that they can find specific copyrighted materials illegally.

Limitation on discussion of drugs or weapons illegal in the US
You may not arrange a transfer of illegal drugs or weapons on this web site.
You may not describe or link to descriptions of the processes to make illegal drugs or weapons on this web site.
You may not direct members to another site, physical location, or person that does either of the two above.
You may talk about what/how much you used, how it makes you feel, etc.

No scamming or distribution of malicious software.
You may not conduct scamming practices on the site
You may not upload or link to any program containing trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, or any other sort of malicious software.
You may not misrepresent where a link is pointed to (such as to lure a person to a site where you get credit for generated hits)
You may not misrepresent a thread's content in its title

No advertising, except in sigs.
You may not advertise a product, service, or web site in any post
You may advertise anything you like (as long as it doesn't break any other forum rule) in your 500x125px signature space.
Users who appear to have registered for the excusive purpose of advertisement will be banned without warning.

No creation of multiple usernames
Any accounts created after the first by the same individual will be banned or merged into the original account.
Creation of 3 or more usernames or creating usernames/using other usernames to try to avoid a ban may result in a ban or an extention of a ban on the original username.

No trolling outside the flame forum
You may not post derogatory messages about sensitive subjects and controversial topics with the primary purpose of baiting someone into an emotional response, or to disrupt on-topic discussion outside of the Flame Forum (you will not be able to see the flame forum untill you are registered).

No spam outside of the chat forum
You may not post non-sense or intentionally pull a thread off-topic outside of the Chat Forum.

No flames outside of the flame forum
You may not post flames outside of the Flame Forum (you will not be able to see the flame forum untill you are registered).

No doubleposting
You may not doublepost.
A doublepost is defined as replying to the same post, or to yourself within 10 minutes without someone else posting between those two posts.
There is an edit button for each post you author; if you forgot something or made a mistake, edit your post instead of posting again unless a significant amount of time has elapsed (10 minutes).
Chains of doubleposts (AKA tripleposts, quadrupleposts, quintupleposts, etc) are likely to result in an instant ban.

Rules when posting private messages in public
You may not post private messages in public on the forum, unless explicit permission is granted by the writer.

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