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Why am I a Junior Member?
All new members are Junior Members. When you login with 50% activity, you graduate to Member. When you login with 90 days as a Member, you graduate to Senior Member.

I've been here forever, why aren't I a senior member?
Either you've just recently returned from several months of inactivity, or you just don't post much. You need to get 50% activity to get promoted to Member, then 90 days as member to get promoted to Senior Member.

Why do some people have titles with diamonds under them?
Member levels with diamonds indicate staff positions.

The following staff statuses exist:

Moderates all forums and members

Provides direction and judgement, performs maintenance activities, has powers of Sup. Mods.

Administrator in charge of technical stuff.

Does whatever he wants.

Can I have a moderator position?
No. We don't have moderators (see above).

Seriously; you think we're going to just make you staff because you asked us to? There is a very limited need for staff and a low turnover rate. Assuming that we do need staff, why do you think we'd want you? There are plenty of people better qualified than you.

But I want to help out.
You can help out by posting meaningful, on topic posts in the forums and not spamming.

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