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What does this activity bar mean?
The activity bar gives an idea of how active a person is on the forum. The display indicates a value derived from the visiting and posting activity over the past 2 weeks. A fixed number of weighted points are awarded each day; 1 for visiting for the day, and 1 for each of the first four posts a user posts that day. The points for the day are listed on your "today" bar.

Why can't I get my activity to 100%
Remember that 100% activity means that you've visited and posted 4 times each day for the past 2 weeks. If you've recently missed a post or visit, you cannot achieve 100% activity untill 2 weeks after that date. Especially if you've only missed once, it may seem like your activity bar is stuck, but if you keep active it will eventually rise.

Why can't I get my activity bar to go up?
You can't spam it up.

The activity bar is updated once per day, at 9:00GMT. Your activity for today is shown in your "today" bar. Also note that once your today bar is full, you cannot recieve anymore activity credit for that day. It takes almost 1 week to get to 50%, and you cannot miss a point for 2 weeks to get to 100%.

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