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Conversation Between Jessifer and Sum Yung Guy
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  1. Jessifer
    2009-09-16 11:10 AM
    Ty babe.
  2. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-09-14 02:32 PM
    Sum Yung Guy
    Happ y bday
  3. Jessifer
    2009-05-07 03:49 PM
    My current avatar is 150x150 pixels.
  4. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-07 12:55 PM
    Sum Yung Guy
    Jess what is the format for the big avatars? I am working on yours now. I need the proper size tho
  5. Jessifer
    2009-05-06 12:09 PM
    Cool. Thanks.
  6. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-06 11:30 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
    I think I can do something about that. Give me a few hours I am about to get off work.
  7. Jessifer
    2009-05-06 11:26 AM
    Sweet sweet.

    I feel like I need an avatar to go with my sig...
  8. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-06 11:19 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
    Been working in photoshop on my theme for my profile that is going to rock.
  9. Jessifer
    2009-05-06 11:18 AM
    How YOU doin'?
  10. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-06 11:12 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
    I am raiding your profile.

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