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Conversation Between D3V and Snake
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  1. D3V
    2010-09-03 10:32 AM
    happy birthday snake.
  2. Snake
    2010-08-19 07:25 PM
    Nothing much. Workin' a lot more. I am 18 in like two weeks...Looking forward to buying nicotine for my underage friends. :S I am going to get a new pick-up then to. A little upgrade. I really ain't Skurai, man. LOL! What you been doing?
  3. D3V
    2010-08-19 11:57 AM
    what up Skurai/Wallow/Faust/Mdselctr
  4. Snake
    2010-03-06 01:11 PM
    Accomplishments in general. What have you been working on? You are a gaming programmer, correct?

    Also, me and Skurai aren't the same person, dude.
  5. Snake
    2010-02-24 04:51 PM
    ...Second place now, in the hiscores and on the leaderboard for total points, or w/e.
  6. D3V
    2010-02-24 04:08 PM
    Accomplishments in relation to what? Zelaron?
  7. Snake
    2010-02-24 03:45 PM
    Not bad, not bad. Uhm, I am in 3rd place, overall in the arcade hiscores. I'm a few games from being in 2nd also. I'm planning on getting it tonight. I'm trying to get a relationship with Lenny, 'cause I'd rather not be considered the worst person on Zelaron by anymeans. What are your recent accomplishments?
  8. D3V
    2010-02-24 03:41 PM
    I'm great. How are you?
  9. Snake
    2010-02-24 03:29 PM
    I'm not going anywhere. I'm just a tidbit offended you think I'm an act...I'm over it now though. How's it going in D3Vville?
  10. D3V
    2010-02-24 08:41 AM
    I don't get where you're going with this?

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