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Conversation Between quikspy67 and PureRebel
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  1. quikspy67
    2008-09-03 12:32 AM
    Midnight Swim owns.
  2. PureRebel
    2008-09-02 05:47 AM
    they have some good shit, i never used to be into any of their acoustic/ softer stuff but i dig it now. especially the acoustic to Midnight Swim.. i hated going through my old profile stuff. so much bullshit i wrote on there years ago i'm suprised at how stupid i was hahaha.
  3. quikspy67
    2008-09-01 08:23 AM
    Nice 36 Crasy Fists
  4. quikspy67
    2008-08-29 09:13 AM
    Haha me too.
  5. PureRebel
    2008-08-29 07:15 AM
    how wierd. didnt even know about profile messages. its an ancient username :\ worst crap i ever did was back in school when i used to egg teachers cars and streak through school assemblies... HAH. man i miss being a kid and not having to worry about shit.
  6. quikspy67
    2008-08-27 04:40 AM
    Whats the most rebelious you have ever been?

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