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Conversation Between jamer123 and Snake
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  1. Snake
    2010-02-12 09:45 PM
    Your "British pal" can go suck some more dick. As for you, you still haven't got your grammar quite right. Try again, please. Why don't you just give up? You're a failure, learn to accept it so others can accept you.
  2. jamer123
    2010-02-12 06:54 PM
    i dont care whos ass you raped but im surely not gay so leave my brittish pal alone!!!!!!!
  3. Snake
    2010-02-10 05:42 PM
    Your neck is red.
    You sound like a jew.
    What's worse then an obese, jewish, stubborn, redneck piece of shit?
    I'm positive it's you.

    Hopefully you drown
    So I can go on with my life
    I'd recommend you get plastic surgery for your small ass dick
    While you're at it, drop your boyfriend Lenny, and get another cuban street corner wife.
  4. Snake
    2010-02-06 10:12 PM
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Keep wasting time making us a flame forum so I can get you the fuck off Zelaron forever, pussy bitch,
    Or I'll search for you irl and curbstomp your hippie ass, fucking jew.

    Like I said, you want some shit, get it started. I'm sure I can finish it. Pansy-ass mother fucker!

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