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Conversation Between Senesia and D3V
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  1. D3V
    2010-01-06 10:22 AM
    Would you be interested in brainstorming sometime to try and help Zelaron?
  2. D3V
    2009-07-07 03:13 PM
    I had no idea you were racist, i woulda never sent u my pix
  3. D3V
    2009-07-06 03:30 PM
    we had a deal
    i thought we ,....
    now im hurt
    butthurt to be exact
    and my posts are not repeated
    or bullshit
    neither of the two
    the fact of the matter is
    the more i think about it
    the more i spend time and reflect on it
    i really do
    i really do love you
  4. Senesia
    2009-07-06 03:28 PM
    I have one of syg for you full frontal. *drool
  5. D3V
    2009-07-06 03:26 PM
    yah i sent u the paypal
    send the noods
  6. Senesia
    2009-07-06 03:24 PM
  7. D3V
    2009-07-06 03:23 PM
    hey can u send me those noods of syg again
  8. D3V
    2009-07-01 04:38 PM
    hey baby.

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