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Conversation Between Draco2003 and D3V
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  1. Draco2003
    2009-07-18 07:25 PM
    Ha... not really... I just had to ask about those books... I don't really feel... I dunno how to put it, but it seems like life never goes right... or people around me intentionally do shit to keep me in a slump...
  2. D3V
    2009-07-14 02:22 PM
    DOOOOOOOOOOD. You are back?
  3. D3V
    2009-06-18 02:35 PM
    Sup man, where you been?!
  4. D3V
    2009-05-04 02:44 PM
    draco! Where have you been dude?... come online and post more man....
  5. D3V
    2008-11-26 08:29 AM
    Yeah I know, and i've deleted a few of them just testing out my options in the user control panel thing. I guess people have just as much A.D.D. as I do, or something.
  6. Draco2003
    2008-11-26 12:25 AM
    Holy shit... you have... 6 pages of messages! That's a lot, if you go through and read them... which I didn't, I just read the first page. But still... 6 pages...
  7. D3V
    2008-09-30 04:42 PM
    happy bday.
  8. D3V
    2008-09-07 09:58 PM
    Hah, I didn't figure you were being serious. It's fun to ask McCain supporters why they like him, and they get stuck, think for a second, and then ask who YOU support, and the many reasons why Obama is bad.

    But yeah, I don't think that tactic will work too well, I'd just start small by educating the people around you, getting them to look up things for themselves, and moving from there.
  9. Draco2003
    2008-09-07 09:53 PM
    Hey, bro. I didn't really plan on voting for McCain...

    I was hoping you would ask why, then I would explain that the last 2 times I voted, 2002 and 2004, I voted the other guy, and Bush won...
    So I figured if I voted McCain, Obama would win...
    Either way, I am very dissatisfied with the way the government is right now, and don't plan on using any "formal" means of getting my voice heard...

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