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Conversation Between Wallow and Sum Yung Guy
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  1. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-08 04:38 PM
    Sum Yung Guy
    Remember that character in Super Mario RPG? Mallow.... Your like the Wario version of Mallow!
  2. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-05 01:44 PM
    Sum Yung Guy
  3. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-04 06:52 PM
    Sum Yung Guy
    Sig up to your standards?
  4. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-04 05:43 PM
    Sum Yung Guy
    Whats up Wallow?
  5. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-03 04:51 PM
    Sum Yung Guy
    We are all consuming...

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