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Conversation Between Thanatos and D3V
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  1. D3V
    2010-12-17 02:46 PM
    Please tell me you're going to the game on Sunday.
  2. D3V
  3. D3V
  4. D3V
    2010-06-23 11:11 AM

    #9.......ah man. that game killed our entire season.
  5. D3V
    2010-02-03 10:51 AM
    I think Brady is very similar in many ways obviously, but I would still take Peyton. I think Peyton is better in the fact that he can make mediocore recievers like Garcon look like stars. Brady not so much, he's just fell into a pretty good system.
  6. Thanatos
    2010-02-03 10:46 AM
    OH SHIT SON. Nice article. I can't fucking WAIT until Sunday. If the Colts win the SB, how high would you rate him among the best of all time? Do you think Brady is better?
  7. D3V
  8. D3V
    2010-01-25 08:43 AM
    NO / Indy
    this should be good
  9. D3V
    2010-01-19 09:18 AM
    Haha only messing with you. I think the Jets will give you guys a harder time than you may guess, but i'm sure Indy at home will pull out the win. I'm more interested in seeing them play New Orleans in the Super Bowl.
  10. Thanatos
    2010-01-18 07:01 PM
    Baltimore is gonna kick the shit out of Indy? What? Jets are just a watered down version of Baltimore. Colts making it to Superbowl EZ.

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